My Open Source Projects


  • skm A simple and powerful SSH keys manager.
  • GoDNS A dynamic DNS client tool, supports AliDNS, Cloudflare, Google Domains, DNSPod, & DuckDNS & DreamHost, written in Go.
  • ydcit Yet another command-line youdao dictionary for geeks!
  • bing-wallpaper A RESTful API to fetch daily wallpaper from
  • biturl URL shortener service, powered by Go.
  • exchangerate A command-line tool to query exchange rate.
  • kubekit A Kubernetes deployment toolkit for offline environment.
  • glance 一款基于命令行文本小说阅读工具,996与10107程序员摸鱼划水必备神器.
  • namebeta A command line domain query tool.
  • DynDNS Dynamic DNS script tool, written by Ruby.
  • gocasts Source code for
  • vim-tips-web Source code for, rewritten by Go.
  • btc-api Restful API for getting latest Bitcoin price.


Configuration Scripts & Others